Secure, Realiable Document Destruction​


Purge Services

Our purge service is used to clean out large amounts of material. The sensitive documents are placed into bins that are used to feed the shredder. The dimensions of the bins are 24" x 27" x 40" tall, which holds 250 lbs of paper or 8 file size boxes (9" x 12" x 18") depending on how they are packed and 5 legal size boxes (11" x 13" x 24"). The material is destroyed by the pierce and tear shred. All of the pieces come out smaller than a fingernail and are mixed in with 10,000 lbs of other shredded paper. Once all of the material has been properly destroyed, a certificate of destruction will be issued for your records. Purge services are not performed on a regular schedule but upon request.

Routine Service

Routine service is preformed on a regular schedule based on the customers needs. We place a secure container at your location. There is no charge for us to drop off your container or for the container itself. A security container holds materials securely until they are picked up and shredded. We have multiple conainter options to fit every offices needs. Everything gets shredded on-site and you receive a certificate of destruction once everything has been properly destroyed.  In order for us to know what the best fit is for you, we come to your office location to see the layout of your building and to introduce ourselves to you.

Phase Service

Delivery of three or more secure shredding containers on a temoroary basis with weekly service of all containers until the customers materials have all been destroyed.  

Shred Events

Identity theft is becoming a huge worry in our communities. To raise awareness and promote prevention, shred events are becoming more frequent. These events give individuals the opportunity to have their confidential documents destroyed on site, free of charge. It gives people the security of knowing and their sensitive material is not falling into the wrong hands.  Shred events are also a great opportunity to introduce yourself and your business to your community.  Shred events are usually 3 hours or until the truck is full.  We suggest you run your event from 9:00am to 12:00pm.